Brandon Heath

Let’s Make It Last

Lirik Lagu Rohani “Let’s Make It Last”

Penyanyi/Artist: Brandon Heath
Album Lagu:
Tahun Rilis:
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Verse 1

Rain come down tonight
Except for the bump on my head
I’m feeling alright
Dancing to our favorite tune
I pulled you in way too soon
Bang went the drums we went boom

Running through the yard
Splashing through puddles with you without regard
Do you think the neighbors will care
So what if they do they’ll just stare
The kids will all say it’s not fair


The way that we love
The way that we laugh
It’s something worth seeing
So let’s make it last
Let’s make it last

Verse 2

Come some sunny day
We’ll call in sick to our jobs
What will we say
She’s coming down with the flu
I think that I’m catching it too
This is what love makes you do


Live out each moment
They go by so fast
Let’s make it last

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