Lirik Lagu Rohani “Simple Man”

Penyanyi/Artist: Brandon Heath
Album Lagu:
Tahun Rilis:
Kunci Dasar/Key:

Verse 1

Keep on keepin’ on believin’
You’ve never given me a reason to drop my faith
And I won’t leave You
Just for the sake of leavin’
‘Cause I got every reason to stay

It’s a good little time to settle down my world
But You took a hold of me
And then I told You I promise to stand for You
But You gotta tell me what’s it gonna be

Yeah yeah


I’m just a simple man
A little part of a bigger plan
Anything that gives me worth, God, it’s You
(You You)
So take the rest of me
‘Cause You got the best of me
Anything good in me comes from You

Verse 2

God all of me hides in You
Oh God my home is Your hands
Within me, into the world You send me
Now I gotta tell the truth to everyone that I can

Yeah yeah


I said anything gives me worth
God, it’s You
Keep on keepin’ on belie..ving

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